My colored pencil works aim to capture a surreal representation on the theme of female sexuality and seduction. Alluring women are portrayed at intimate and imaginary moments.

Fragments of a dreamed sketchbook

I also seek to depict urban European landscapes with my pencil drawings.
All my artworks try to capture different aspects of Japanese women culture: such as fashion, gestures and makeup.

About my urban scenes, though I’m drawing architectures that remind to European cities, what I’m really looking for is to reproduce an anime setting. Possible sceneries in which my characters would live their stories.

I worked as an illustrator since the age of 16, and I have always been interested for painting.

Nowadays I’m dedicated to fan art, character design and fantasy illustrations.

I have participated in different international art fairs and publications, showing around the world my particular insight about anime drawing style.

Awards and Honors:

Asian Illustration year Grand Prize 2018 Winning (Taiwan)

Art Biennial 2018 Excellence Award (UK)

International Prize CARAVAGGIO (Italy)

CFA Artist of the Year Award 2019 : Honorable Mention Award (France)


Japan Illustrators Association Yearbook (Japan Illustrators Association: 2017, 2018)

COOL JAPAN creators file V, ART BOX International: 2017

Me and Art-Japanese Pop & Modern Art- (Boom Promotions PTY.LTD/
Mayumi International (Australia: 2017)

2018 Yanxiang Confidence Yearbook (Yanxian Confidence Cooperative/

Spotlight Magazine Issue 8,13,14, Circle Foundation for the Arts
(France): 2018, 2019)

countries): 2018, 2019)

November/December 2018 (Ass .EA EDITORE (Italy): 2018)

100 ILLUSTRATORS vol.1 (Japan Illustrators Association: 2019)

36 ARTISTS TO FOLLOW (Masters Of Today (UK): 2019)
Creators — Artists who flutter in Heisei (Kuori Art Co., Ltd./Publishing
Bunkasha: 2019).


13th’ World of Colored Pencil’ Exhibition 2015 (UK: 2015)

Color Pencil Art Exhibition sponsored by Japan Color Pencil Association
(Osaka: 2015, 2016, 2017)

3rd UK Colored Pencil Society’s Regional Exhibition 2016 (UK: 2016)

Art fair Málaga Digital view (Spain: 2017), Salon Art shopping (France:

RED DOT MIAMI (America: 2017) , Yasu Fengxing Award 2018
(Taiwan: 2017)

Midsummer Design Festa (Tokyo: 2017)

ART BUSAN Gallery recommendation (Korea: 2018), BUSAN ANNUAL
MARKET OF ART (Korea: 2018)

Art Expo NY (America: 2018)

Coming Exhibition: Art Expo NY (America, next April 2021)

Art San Diego (America: 2018, 2019) ,

Artrooms fair Seoul (Korea: 2018) Graphic Art exhibition

~The present of creative expression~ (Tokyo (Rectverso Gallery) :2018,
(2019, 2020)

3rd Christmas Art Competition in YOKOHAMA (Yokohama: 2018)

Art Basel MIAMI fair satellite SPECTRUM MIAMI art snow (2018,2019)

Japanese Art-National Selected Artists Exhibition- (Ueno Royal
Museum: 2019, 2020)

Creators’ commemorative exhibition (21st Century Museum of
Contemporary Art, Kanazawa: 2019)

Tourism EXPO Japan 2019 (Intex Osaka: 2019)


Luster on Moonlight / 22.7 × 15.8 cm / Colored pencil on paper.
Kimono Woman #3 / 45.5 × 27.3 cm / colored pencil & pastel and
on Water paper
Kimono Woman #2 / 25.7 × 36.4 cm / Watercolor paper water-painted panel,
colored pencil
Line of Love and Love / 72.7 × 50 cm / Watercolor paper
water-painted panel, colored pencil
Line of Love and Love #2 / 72.7 × 50 cm / Watercolor paper
water-painted panel, colored pencil
EN / 116.7×72.7 cm / colored pencil & Graphite pencil on Water paper panel
Idol Character no.6 / 1536 × 3198 pixel (300dpi) /
Gimp, Adobe Photoshop

Townscape of Colmar #2 / 41 x 27.3 cm / Watercolor paper
water-painted panel, pencil

Bride / 25.7 × 36.4 cm / Watercolor paper, colored pencils (oil
and watercolor)

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